Sunday, April 26, 2015 - 11:57
Main image:  Nailpro Pasadena will be held Sunday April 26, 2015 this year at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA. nailpro pasadena_0.jpg No, don't show in Featured Box read more
Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - 16:28
Main Image: The Reaffirming skincare line from eraclea includes a facial serum, an eye cream and an oxygenating detox mask. Each product contains cellusomes of halophyte Erygium—harnessed from cultured Erygium stem cells—that offer antiaging, anti-irritation, regenerative, firming and smoothing features. The Reaffirming line also includes eraclea’s patented HylaSponge system, which acts as a second skin layer by using high concentrations of hyaluronic acid to retain and deliver hydration. Contact: 817.546.5341, www.eraclea.com. No, don't share this with BeautyEtcArticles: ...
Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - 16:23
Main Image: Tri-Active Exfoliant from Innovative Skincare provides physical and biochemical exfoliation to smooth and soften skin. Ingredients include: cellulose and vitamin B eco-friendly microbeads to exfoliate and repair; copper PCA to stimulate collagen production; papain and bromelain enzymes to dissolve and digest the skin’s dead proteins; and salicylic acid to deep clean pores. Contact: 888.807.4447, www.isclinical.com. No, don't share this with BeautyEtcArticles: ProductsArticle free tagging: Innovative SkincareTri-Active Exfoliant

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - 16:21
Main Image: The Rich & Powerful Set pairs Hydropeptide’s Power Serum and Power Lift for maximum antiaging benefits. The Power Serum features 13 peptides that plump, add volume, relax and preserve skin; and a growth factor activating plant extract for increased elastin production. The Power Lift includes emollients to soften and smooth; a humectant to draw in moisture; occlusives to reduce water loss; and antioxidants echinacea, green tea and rosemary to protect against free radicals. Contact: 800.932.9873, www.hydropeptide.com. No, don't share this with BeautyEtcArticles: ...
Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - 16:19
Main Image: The EndyMed Shaper handpiece is specially designed for RF skin treatments on the body. Powered by phase-controlled Multisource 3DEEP RF technology, the handpiece features six concentric electrodes that are controlled simultaneously to achieve better volumetric heating for skin tightening. The electrode surface is 40.7cm2, allowing for shorter treatment times of 20 to 30 minutes for large areas. Contact: 855.363.9633, www.endymed.com. No, don't share this with BeautyEtcArticles: ProductsArticle free tagging: endymedShaperradiofrequency
Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - 16:17
Give your client the blues, a beautiful combo of ocean, sky and sapphire blues, with this how-to from Toni Rose Larson.  STEPS: Client was a level 5.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - 14:40
wella1.jpg Dedicated to offering the very best in advanced education for salon professionals across the nation, Wella Education has announced a new satellite program with Beauty Schools of America located in South Beach, Miami. The Wella Studio Atelier program will offer select advanced education courses and creative workshops lead by The Studios Artistic Team. The Miami location will also host internal trainings and VIP events.  Featured_475x323_Default.jpg read more
Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - 12:44
Main Image: The new LIFTLAB skincare line is formulated with Cell Protection Proteins (CPP), which play a vital role in the health and survival of plant and marine life that thrive in the sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic Ocean. CPP encourage the skin to produce over 40 of its own proteins and promote the formation of collagen, elastin, fibrinogen and antioxidants. The line includes LIFT + PROTECT Total Rejuvenation, LIFT + FIX High Potency Solution, LIFT + REPAIR Treatment Serum, LIFT + MOISTURIZE Daily Cream, LIFT + FIRM Eye Cream and PURIFY + CLARIFY Daily Cleanser & Detox Mask....
Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - 12:42
Main Image: SkinLuma’s ReVol Skin Revolumizing Cream transports and locks water into the stratum corneum with acetyl hexapeptide-37 and barrier-enhancing lipids for increased epidermal hydration and younger-looking skin. The complex is fortified with texture-enhancing peptides, ferulic acid ester and vitamins C and E. Contact: 800.874.9686, www.skinluma.com. No, don't share this with BeautyEtcArticles: ProductsArticle free tagging: SkinLumaReVolskin care


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